Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometimes the Obvious Must Be Stated

At Catholic Culture, Diogenes writes:

If a Catholic priest persuaded a 10-year-old boy to host a homosexual rally, the outrage would be universal, and it would be deserved.

But since it wasn’t a Catholic priest who appointed Will Phillips as grand marshal of the Northwest Arkansas Pride Parade, only the American Family Association is complaining that this was a blatant form of child abuse.

When priests exploit children it’s reprehensible. Since we can all agree on that, why can’t we agree that it’s also reprehensible when gay-rights activists exploit children?

Some of us are still gnawing on the doggy-bone-chewiness of the irony that is the appointment of Kevin Jennings to the office of (get this) Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the Department of Education. Jennings, you see, once counselled a homosexual high school student, who was having sexual relations with a “much older man.” His advice to that 15-year-old victim of child abuse? “I hope you used a condom.”


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