Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Entreaty to Readers of the National Catholic Reporter

Please, for the sake of your emotional well-being, leave the Church now. Just as the Holy Father has welcomed the more conservative members of the Church of England with Anglicanorum coetibus, who otherwise had nowhere to turn when their church left them, so the Episcopalian Conference would undoubtedly welcome you. You would be much more […]


Venice Bishop Honors Tradition, Angers ‘Priestess’

Venice (Florida) Bishop Frank Dewane has affirmed Tradition for Maundy Thursday in a letter to pastors in his diocese: men only for the washing of feet. ‘Priestess‘ Bridget Mary Meehan (RCWP) claims this is sex discrimination — which means, by logical extrapolation, that our Lord was a sexist too. Or perhaps she denies the Incarnation?


Ricky Martin Comes Out

Revelation stuns his boyfriend, who refused comment. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But honestly, what did Jarrett Barrios of GLAAD mean by saying that this news could “lead to greater acceptance for countless gay people in [the] US, in Latin America and worldwide?” It’s already “cool” to be homosexual, Jarrett; don’t you read your own press […]


Saint Sister Sista?

Henriette DeLille, who in 1837 founded an order of black nuns called Sisters of the Holy Family, has been declared venerable. The order still exists today, providing services to the poor, the elderly, and schoolchildren, with a presence in four U.S. states and Belize (although Hurricane Katrina forced the closure of operations in New Orleans). […]


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday

Today marks our Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, just days before His Passion. I will assist at a 100-year-old, utterly gorgeous diocesan church (my four-year-old calls it the “castle church” because of its Gothic architecture), where the 8 a.m. Sunday Mass is celebrated according to the 1962 rubrics. My attendance today at this particular church […]


Friday, March 26, 2010

Katholic Kennedy: Abortion’s a Health Issue

Thus does Pat carry the blood-stained torch lit by his father Ted. Do you still think abortion is not murder? Consider this: 38 states now have fetal homicide laws. If killing an unborn child against her mother’s will is murder, then killing an unborn child is murder with or without consent. You can’t have it […]


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Et tu, Brute?

The Moonie Times reports Bart “Judas” Stupak as saying, “The Pope and the Catholic faith does not control Catholic legislators.” [emphasis mine] Read that again: And the Catholic faith. Judas Stupak won’t let a little thing like his faith stand in the way of his agenda. Click here to read the whole nausea-inducing thing. For […]


Holy See’s Official WWII Documents Now Online

Vatican Radio just Tweeted: Entire collections of the Actae Sanctae Sedis (A.S.S.) and of the Acta Apostolicae Sedis (A.A.S.) – i.e., the official Acts of the Holy See from 1865 to 2007 – are available in pdf format, as is the twelve-volume collection of the “Actes et documents du Saint-Siège relatifs à la Seconde Guerre […]


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Atheist Meets the Masters of the Universe

When a titan of philosophy and logic, a pillar of ignosticism and bulwark against the ineffable repudiates his published writings, it ought to give pause to any thinking person. Sir A.J. Ayer’s story is either frightening or inspiring, depending on your view. You can read it here.


Remembering Óscar Romero

His Grace Archbishop Óscar Romero has held a very special place in my heart since his assassination 30 years ago today. The fourth archbishop of San Salvador, he was shot and killed as he said Mass in a small chapel at a hospital called La Divina Providencia, in the Salvadoran capital. Days later, massive crowds […]


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