Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Now It’s a Done Deal

Today’s Register reports that the ICEL’s Novus Ordo translations will finally get recognitio from the CDW, after ten years of snail’s-pace discussions filibustered by the ineffable Bishop Trautman. This is in conjunction with ICEL’s new standards for liturgical music. The liberals will have to go somewhere else to sing Kumbaya. I’d file this under “doing […]


Vanity, Thou Art the Biggest Loser

The 54-point Helvetica cover blurb (“Look Better Naked” — presumably the most important issue for women) gives ample warning to anyone who might otherwise be enticed to read the Women’s Health interview with Jillian Michaels. But for happy, health-conscious mothers who might not notice it, TV’s biggest loser reminds them that as for pregnancy, “I […]


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Major Rogation

From the missal: “Earthquakes and other calamities afflicted the diocese of Vienne in Dauphiny (France) in the fifth century, and St. Mamertus, who was bishop of that diocese, instituted a penitential procession with public supplications on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Ascension Day. In 816, Pope Leo III introduced it into Rome, and soon […]


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Set Your DVRs

This Saturday marks the first time in 45 years that the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. will host a Traditional Latin Mass, in honor of Papa Benedetto’s Fifth Anniversary as Christ’s vicar. 1 p.m. Eastern, folks. Be there or be square. The National Catholic Fishwrapper has covered this story recently with a […]


Money You Probably Won’t See

The Wall Street Journal reports that new $100 bills will be released next February, to people who still have jobs that pay in such increments. Didn’t our Monopoly currency get a makeover not so long ago? Yes, but these changes have to be made, to stay ahead of counterfeiters — like Ben Bernanke. Ho-hum. A […]


Now That’s Christian Love

CNA reports: In an amazing series of events, a young man who was abandoned at birth used a Facebook group to find his biological mother.  After they were reunited, the young man thanked her for resisting the temptation to have an abortion. I’m reminded of when Jesus appeared before His Disciples in the Upper Room, […]


Friday, April 9, 2010

Sane Perspective On Catholic Sex Crimes: Newsweek Op-Ed

Pat Wingert writes: The Catholic sex-abuse stories emerging every day suggest that Catholics have a much bigger problem with child molestation than other denominations and the general population. Many point to peculiarities of the Catholic Church (its celibacy rules for priests, its insular hierarchy, its exclusion of women) to infer that there’s something particularly pernicious […]


At the Teatro Castel Galdolfo

CNA reports that, as the Holy Father rests at his vacation home, he’ll take in an advance screening of Under the Roman Sky (aka “Pius XII”, starring an aptly cast James Cromwell). It’s an interesting choice — a pope under false attack watching a movie about a pope under false attack.


Losing My Sense of Humor?

Oh, those video gamers, they’re so funny. Cross-shaped Wii controllers, what a scream! Hey, but maybe this is a real game, d’ya think? I mean, the video looks authentic and all: This being your first trip around the block, you go to the Mass: We Pray website, because you can’t wait to buy a copy. […]


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

St. Vincent’s Hospital To Close

On April 14, 2010, the 160-year-old Greenwich Village landmark will close its doors. That’s the last Catholic hospital in New York City. I’ll be there in July and hope to touch those great oak doors one last time.


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