Sunday, April 28, 2013

4th Sunday After Easter

On this Fourth Sunday After Easter, the Church exalts the justice of God (Introit, Gospel), which is made manifest in the triumph of Christ and in that of His Mystical Bride—the Church.

“The right hand of the Lord hath made manifest its power by raising Christ from the dead” (Alleluia) and by taking Him up into Heaven on the day of His Ascension. It is expedient to us that Jesus should leave the earth, for from Heaven He will send to His Church the Spirit of truth (Gospel), that excellent gift which comes down from the Father (Epistle).

The Holy Ghost will unite all hearts (Collect), will teach them all truth (Gospel, Offertory) and will convince Satan and the World of the sin they have committed in delivering Jesus to death (Gospel, Communion) and in continuing to persecute Him through His Church.

Let us hearken to the words of truth, which will save our souls (Epistle) and let us practise truth (Secret), that our hearts may be always set there where is true joy (Collect).


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