Friday, April 9, 2010

Losing My Sense of Humor?

Oh, those video gamers, they’re so funny. Cross-shaped Wii controllers, what a scream! Hey, but maybe this is a real game, d’ya think? I mean, the video looks authentic and all:

This being your first trip around the block, you go to the Mass: We Pray website, because you can’t wait to buy a copy. Everywhere you click brings up a login screen to view a trailer for a game that does exist: Dante’s Inferno (tagline: “Go to Hell”).

Am I just getting old? Do I take my faith “too seriously?” Maybe I left my sense of humor in my other pants. But I don’t think making sport of the faithful is funny at all.

Unless, of course, they’re non-Catholics. Ha! Found it; it was in my back pocket.

But wait! Since making fun of people’s faith is a laugh riot, where are all the commercials mocking Islam or the Jews?


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