Friday, August 13, 2010

Monks Build Caskets, Risk Fines, Imprisonment

There, they’ll really have time for contemplative prayer, Louisiana’s Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors apparently reasons. Can’t stand the competition, guys?

Can anyone offer a persuasive argument that coffins are not overpriced? The monks at St. Joseph Abbey offer caskets that are about $250 cheaper than anyone else, and that’s without mass production facilities.

Louisiana law states that only funeral homes may offer caskets for sale, and they also must have embalming equipment on the premises. The Board is using that law to shut St. Joseph Abbey down.

The fact that there’s a lobby for embalmers and funeral directors says it all.

It should be noted that this law was enacted in 2008, a year after the monks began offering their caskets to the public. See Act 799.

Write to Governor Jindal, and tell him to put an end to this nonsense! He is a Catholic convert (from Hindu parents) who stands athwart the issues for which we grieve: stem cell research, abortion, pervert marriage, and so forth. Remind him of his faith, and hold his conservative feet to the fire!


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